The third phase of the negotiation is the presentationThe third phase of the negotiations. At this point, you assemble the collected information in such a way that it supports your position. For example, in a situation of termination of employment or salary negotiation, you can present facts that show what you have contributed to the organization in the past (or in a previous position), which in turn shows your value. You may have started a blog that drew attention to your business or received donations or funds for a charity. You may be a team player who will get the most out of a group. In a distribution negotiation, each party often takes an extreme or firm position, knowing that it is not accepted – and then tries to give in as little as possible before reaching an agreement. Bargainer distributors view trading as a distribution process of a fixed value. Surprisingly, the first place to start with yourself is: what are your goals for trading? What do you plan to accomplish? What do you admit? What would you absolutely not admit? Leigh Steinberg, the most powerful agent in sports (he was the model of Tom Cruise`s character in Jerry Maguire), put it this way: “You need a clear look at your goals. And you have to be brutally honest with yourself about your priorities. Webber, A.

(1998, October). How to get them to show you the money. Fast Company, 198. Called on November 14, 2008 by If you know your goals during the investigation phase, you can refer to our previous discussion on emotional intelligence and self-knowledge. .

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