Consumers usually want to know if they are saving money when they opt for a sprint leasing contract. This plan saves consumers money in two ways. First, they pay less for the device than if they paid for it directly. For example, consumers pay $20 a month for an iPhone 7. That is $480 over two years. They pay $7 more per month when they leave with easy pay, which comes in at $648. If they choose to buy the phone at the full sale price, they pay $649. Those who use sprint Lease for a tablet must receive the Advanced Protection Pack. The Advanced Protection Pack allows consumers to assert a claim online, regardless of the issue. The Advanced Protection Pack costs $13 per month. Consumers who want to use a device can do so at Sprint`s retail sites, Apple Stores, and Best Buy sites. You can also enter into a lease on the Sprint site. Once the agreement is concluded, consumers can keep this device until they are ready for an upgrade..

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