Indicate the exact dates and times of check-in and check-in for your customers in your rental agreement. Be sure to make sure that an additional fee will be charged if you do not leave on time. You must also inform guests that you reserve the right to cancel an instant booking if the guest does not fully agree to the terms of the Airbnb lease or refuses to sign it. Finally, you must ensure that the agreement you originally indicate is the same as that applicable to the reservation after check-in. You can`t change the agreement after guests have paid for the reservation according to Airbnb`s terms. The host can use the Airbnb lease to indicate what they consider damage and under what circumstances they are asked to deduct the costs from the deposit. By entering into this agreement, you will clarify the terms and conditions and allow guests to enjoy their stay without causing you any problems or inconvenience. In case of violation of a clause mentioned in the agreement, the host reserves the right to take legal action against the customer. It is no longer legal. This flaw has been exploited for a few years; And I have rented on this basis in the past. This gap related to a very specific wording of the contract (in order to exclude the provision of tourist services).

Policymakers have filled this gap with new legislation implemented from August 2017; if short term rental in now considered illegal without valid license. Renting >30 days would be nice. Some hosts require guests to sign contracts or rental agreements. If they ask you to sign a contract, they must disclose this request and its terms before booking. I used the VRBO and always sent a lease for the tenant to sign and return it. Leases don`t go to tenants on Airbnb?! Now that you`ve considered this fact, here are some ideas on what you should include in your Airbnb lease. It is quite possible that owners rent real estate for short-term tourist uses that are not available through AirBNB! Many, if not most, of the properties that could be booked as holiday accommodation before AirBNB came into play (meaning in Italy that many properties whose tourism industry is many decades older than this organization) were already available on other platforms, such as on the basis of a short-term contractto ad uso turistico. The new element of AirBNB is the rental of short-term housing on an occasional basis and not the seasonal rental of dwellings separate from the owner`s residence, as a current activity. If your property is under the supervision of an HOA, you should also consider informing customers in your rental agreement that they must also abide by the rules of your HOA. Make sure your rental agreement unravels any special rules imposed by the HOA that may not be known to customers.. .

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