“A business is an association of many people who bring money or money to a common stock and use it in a business or business and share the resulting profits and losses.” – James Stephenson. 1. This agreement complements the partnership act of the ……….. between these partners. This act of partnership is set up at the address of . This is it. The day of the year. Between M/ s A B &Co. a partnership company consisting of (1). (2). (3). Partners and activities of . hereinafter referred to as part one and M/s.

X Y & Co., a partnership company consisting of (1). (2) . (3).. (4).. as partner and managing director. hereinafter referred to as the part of Part Two, as follows AND NOW CONSIDERING that the parties to this document wish that the conditions to which they have been subject to the aforementioned operations since .. Number of members – For public limited companies, the minimum number is 7 without ceiling. 4. . .

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