I am selling my 2008 GMC Denali Yukon for $25,550. It’s a great family car and it’s fully loaded. It has 74K miles, sunroof, DVD TV’s behind each front seat, 2 wireless headphones, 3rd row, black leather, woodgrain, XD Series rim tires and a 6 disc changer with a great sound system. The leather is in fantastic condition. We mainly used it to travel to work and took it to Amarillo from Dallas a few times. It traveled 320 miles on a full tank. I am looking to buy a smaller SUV like a 2011-2013 LR4 or an X5 so if you are a dealer, I would not mind trading this in. If you are interested, please send me an email at ish@ismaelburciaga.com or call me at (817) 523-8046.

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