Bikes are secured by an electronic padlock unlocked by using an iOS or Android mobile app or text message sent to an SMS service run by Zagster. [13] As the bike closure system is completely closed, drivers can make “stops” and temporarily secure the Zagster bike anywhere during the trip. Each bike contains a bicycle lock with the key, which is stored in a locker. After being more shy with rider simply text `start` plus bike number (z.B”start 46″) to a phone number. A confirmation message with the castle field passcode is returned. This action reserves the bike for the rest of the day or until the bike is returned. The riders send “end” on the same number as the bike for the next rider. PHILADELPHIA, PA—- (Marketwired – 16. May 2013) – Zagster, a company that provides turnkey bike sharing services, and Advanced Sports International (ASI), the parent company of bicycle brands and premium components Fuji, Kestrel, SE, Breezer and Oval Concepts, announce that they have entered into an agreement for ASI to make Zag Breezesterr bikes available for their national bike sharing activities. As part of the partnership, Zagster has set up a distribution and distribution center at the ASI chain in Philadelphia, which allows the rapid use of Zagster bikes for customers across the country. Zagster`s “Bike Share as a Service” model allows the company to operate its business model differently from other bike sharing companies. In the municipal facilities, the company set up a consortium of local sponsors to provide a much larger network than would have been possible if the city were to pay the full cost of the infrastructure.

[14] [15] Since Zagster does not need customers to purchase equipment, it is able to control bike sharing programs and quickly scale them to meet the needs of driving. Zagster replaces all bikes in its bike sharing programs every three years and donates the bikes renovated on site. [16] You recognize and accept that Zagster can track your location and use Zagster bikes with GPS tags on Zagster bikes. Zagster can track your location in increments for 15 to 60 minutes. The data collected with GPS tags is used by Zagster, in order to impose the terms of Zagster`s use agreements, to protect the bikes from theft and locate the bikes in case of loss, to improve the zagster bike sharing service, for advertising and marketing purposes, which are collected anonymously and aggregated with the data of other users, to ensure that the GPS beacon is working properly and, for example, internal activities in the administration and communication of transit service usage. “The Breezer Uptown is perfect for the Zagster program — for travel, shopping or just a city cruise,” says Patrick Cunnane, CEO of ASI. “The partnership with Zagster brings the Breezer brand to thousands of riders who we hope will become big fans. We are pleased to help Zagster expand and offer customers the freedom, comfort and health benefits of cycling. Follow the instructions at the end of each email or check and fill out the form with your email by selecting UNSUBSCRIBE and we will immediately remove you from ALL correspondences.

We receive and store all the information you enter on our websites or we give in another way. We collect two types of information about you on our sites, mobile apps, and by email. Personal data is information that you personally identify, z.B. Your first and last name, email address, phone number, postal and email addresses, username and password, and billing information (e.g.B. Your credit card number, your cardholder`s name and card expiry date). We also collect other information that does not identify you personally, such as gender, country of residence and other demographic information. About Zagster Founded in Philadelphia in 2007 as CityRyde and now with the headquarters of Cambridge, Mass., Is Zagster

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