“As an integral part, retailers are directly trained by Camelot to look for signs of problem gambling and understand what an unhealthy game is. Crucially, this initiative allows them to take action by discreetly indicating where players can find support when they need it. The non-profit lottery business Nektr said it would take the two companies to the competition watchdog after claiming that its own screens had been removed from Co-op stores by its competitor, which would be contrary to its own contract with the retailer. Camelot also reminded retailers that they “are the first line of support for players to play The National Lottery in a healthy way.” The operator also provided top-level advice: National Lottery terminals were equipped late last year with a “Responsible Play” button as part of this initiative that allows retailers to print a pink ticket – much like Lotto, EuroMillions or Set For Life Ticket – with details on where assistance is available. After its introduction last year, Camelot entered the next phase of its “Responsible Retailer: Support for a Healthy Game” dealer training. A Camelot spokesperson said: “It appears that a particularly biased story has been presented to you, containing a number of inaccurate statements. While we are not publicly concerned about the details of confidential transactions with individual retailers, we dispute Camelot`s allegations of inadequacy. Under the new license, GTECH will provide Camelot with more than 27,500 integrated IMAGINET lottery terminals, which will be used to replace existing machines and increase the terminal base by expanding the retailer. Before the start of the third license, GTECH will also convert the current online gaming system and instant ticket system to GTECH`s Enterprise SeriesT (ES) platform.

In addition, GTECH will update Camelot`s existing interactive system with Enterprise Series Interactive (ESi) to provide players with a wider range of game offerings via channels such as Internet, Mobile and Internet Protocol Tv (IPTV).

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